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Cobi Blocks Small Army #2221 Anti Aircraft Turret

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Small Army 2221 Anti Aircraft Turret

Cobi Blocks

Package Quantity: 1

Constructing has never been more fun with Cobi Blocks Small Army #2221 Anti Aircraft Turret from Cobi Blocks! The barcode for this is 5902251022211. It has a weight of 1 lbs. Online you can get numerous sources and info that can help make the right buy. Initially, know that you can find an outstanding present for children without having to spend too much, plus without giving up higher quality. Reviews are the best way to find the information needed for both price and quality for almost anything, visit the link below.

This awesome set of interlocking creating blocks developed by Cobi, in Poland, is totally compatible with other important brands, such as Lego. Try other Cobi vehicles, for example tanks, rocket launchers, airplanes and much a lot more! The style and functionality of this toy is incredible, and your child will love to make this set and play with it!


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